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Founder Therapy - No Bulls__t Ways To Boss It Without Burnout
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50 Lessons To Start, Scale & Sell Without Wounding Our Wellbeing

Our ‘high-performance’ generation has a problem with burnout. Depression and anxiety are now at record levels amongst founders and leaders.


In Founder Therapy, Mike Buonaiuto uncovers why and offers a radical new approach, presenting 50 lessons to start, scale and sell without wounding our wellbeing.


Pulling together research from neuroscience, with experience from top-performing entrepreneurs, Founder Therapy explores the proven link between stress-management and commercial success.


'This is an absolute must read for every founder. It should be disseminated by investors to their portfolios as the manual to building a healthy, sustainable business whilst maintaining good mental health.'

— James Roycroft-Davis, Founder, Host of Vulnerable Podcast.


“'Bossing it without burning out' is the clarion call every entrepreneur needs to heed. Mike Buonaiuto lays out both the urgency of the need to answer our call to build and the importance of doing so without sacrificing your life.'

Jerry Colonna, CEO of and the author of Reboot: Leadership and the Art of Growing Up.


'Founder Therapy helps those hoping to push the boundaries of their potential to do so without mortgaging their health and happiness.'

Eva Reynolds, Founder, nORTH Business Consulting and Exited Founder at Open Health Group.


‘No human wishing to start their own organisation should do so before reading this book. This is an essential read for all compassionate entrepreneurs – and an even more essential read for those who need to develop their compassion and empathy.’

— Chris Folwell, Head of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion for Europe, The Middle East and Africa, Uber.


Exited Founder | Best Selling Author | Senior Advisor 

Mike Buonaiuto is a philanthropic business leader, who founded, scaled and exited Shape History, the award-winning social impact agency. He's currently a senior advisor; helping companies navigate optics and operations. 


📚 Mike's book Founder Therapypublished June 2023.

📢 His TEDx talk, ‘No wonder people are quitting - business must do better’ was selected and featured by TED’s Editor picks. 


🤝 Mike supports Virgin Startup as their ‘Entrepreneur In Residence’ and NatWest’s Business Accelerator as their ‘Business Startup Coach.​’

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